About Us

Central Texas BBQ in Georgia
Brooke and family spent 11 years in Austin, TX before moving to Flowery Branch, GA in the summer of 2011. When living in Austin, Brooke realized she was in one of the world's best spots for authentic BBQ. After visiting a few world class restaurants like Blacks BBQ, Louie Mueller BBQ, Kreuz Market and several more she knew how special this style of BBQ really was. Years were spent learning the techniques of Texas' best pitmasters and trying to mimic their product at home on a weber smoker. After a few years of trial, errors and lots of money spent on meat the recipe was perfected.. After receiving positive feedback about the BBQ, the dream of owning a full time restaurant was realized. After moving to Georgia the right opportunity presented itself and Moonie's Texas Barbecue was born!

Our Owner

Brooke Hayes

Our Team

The rockstars of Moonie's!
We have a great team here at Moonie's. Everyone focuses on quality of food and customer service as their number one priority. If you have any questions, they can answer!